Twitch Stream that actually has some effort put into it

Hey everyone I know a lot of people post their stream on here. Iv seen a few and mostly they are crap start ups, but if you want to watch rust in 720p and 60fps feel free to stop by and have a chat.

Says the guy with 6 viewers, who looks to be no older than 15, and just happens to be playing from the comfort of his parent’s home.


it is actually quite funny to watch, There is a few of them running around randomly raiding little bases and kill a few naked people. they can’t shoot for s**t but everyone on the server keeps calling them hackers and asking the admin to ban them

Misleading Title much?

How so?, don’t be a complete dick to streamers and stop making bullshit statistics such as “mostly” to describe most of the rust streamers.
Your not going to make any viewers by basically say “Oh, these guys are shit. I can do sooooo much better. WATCH ME!”.
You just sound like a asshole by doing that, next time if your going to advertise your stream put more effort into it.
Give informative and consistent information, What rules are there on stream?,Will there be giveaways?, Who also streams on the channel?