Twitch Stream

I haven’t seen it anywhere so I figured I’d ask here.

Is it aloud to share your Twitch URL here if you’re playing Rust?

Just found this post (
I’ve posted my stream there and I guess it’s not a big deal.

Search rust on twitch

I’m asking if it’s aloud to share my own Twitch URL here if I’m playing Twitch.

What? He was asking if he could advertise his Twitch channel on FP. Which I doubt is allowed, btw.

I haven’t seen anything on it, does anyone know?

advertising is bad ok

dont do it

This is what happens when you post your stream to the rust community wahahahaha…

I’m not seeing what is happening.

LMAO yeah Troy go ahead and post a link to your stream I am sure it will all be just fine.

My bad wasn’t paying attention.

Posted it in the OP.