TWMC Pickup

Well I finally managed to put something together well enough that it deserves a release.

This is The Worlds Most Customizable Pickup (TWMC Pickup)
With this you can set and randomly spawn up to five SWEPs of your choice.

It’s basically a hovering, rotating SWEP spawner. You can set whether or not it respawns, what SWEPs are available, and some other things. Think of them like the Weapons in GTA but without the colored aura and free. I made this with the intention of using it on maps (hence the included fgd), but I added some utilities to make it spawnable while playing. It abides by the built-in admin system so clients can’t give themselves admin-only SWEPs.

Other options/features include:

  • Choose up to five SWEPs and it will randomly choose one each time it is respawned.
  • You can have it either display the SWEP’s world model, or a model of your choosing.
  • You can set whether or not it spins and how fast.
  • Being able to lure NPCs towards the pickup (can be toggled)
  • A handy utiliy menu for setting up and spawning them (Q-Menu -> Utilities -> TWMC Weapon Spawning)
  • An fgd for mappers, allowing you to place pickups in your map.

New in 1.1:

  • You can override normal right-click SWEP spawning so that it creates a TWMC Pickup instead. Still abides by GMod’s native admin system.

Here’s the screenshots, Windowed (800x600) with -dxlevel 80, so don’t complain about quality.




Now have fun.

Looks intresting, will try it now.

Please note that only NPCs that would want to go and pick up a weapon will be attracted by the lure option. Even so, some NPCs may take a while before they decide they want to go and get a weapon. Also, if you stand too close to the weapon the lure is disabled. This allows you to pick up the weapon before an NPC takes it from you.

I also advocate the subliminal advertising in these screenshots.

Must download Angry Chicken again… gurgle

There is a dropweapon mod, so is there any need for this?

This is what i call strange but cool.

This isn’t just a dropped weapon. Think of it like the Weapon entities in GTA but without the aura and free. Also I’m considering changing it so you can optionally override the normal right click function of the spawn panels.

hmm needs hl2 weapons in the spawn menus :smiley:

Since it has no real singleplayer value, it is admin only right? I don’t want clients to be able to use this if I put it on.

It should be. The only way a non-admin can make one is to enable the right-click override, but even then they can only spawn non-admin sweps with it. And any way you spawn it, it can be undone. Thinking of it now, I should have made it so admins can restrict that…

** Offtopic **(sorta)

It just recently came to my attention that that Weapon Drop script was originaly jA_cOp’s and that LuaPineapple stole the credit for it.

Here’s some proof:
Scroll far enough and you can see that I actually posted his code, since the download went down for a while, though at the time I didn’t realize it.

Major, this is kinda… stupid of me but I still don’t quite know what this does exactly.

Does it make like, a respawning weapon spawnpoint? That’s what I got out of the description.

So basically you set a weapon, or weapons to be able to be taken from it and it just keeps giving it to whoever walks over it?

A more detailed description would be appreciated. Or PM’d if you want spare me the humiliation of not knowing what it is.

I was a little vague… But yeah, you received the data I encrypted and sent.

Edit: Ok, I decrypted my message, hopefully this clears up what it does a bit more.

ok your extended description has me even more excited, this will be invaluable for events on the server, but for some reason the whole menu for it is missing. I hope I just installed it wrong and that it isn’t conflicting with anything.

Basically I just plopped it in the server addons. The included sent is in the entity menu but the utilities tab is missing. I’ll try to fix this now…


Ok so I got it working ( I had to install it to my addons aswell to make the menu show up ) but one thing I think would make it a whole lot better would be if you could move the pickup once you spawn it. Having to remake it to move it makes it an awkward thing to place etc.

Plus, is there any way to make it dupe-compatible? I want to save a police station with an armory for my Police usergroup to use.

Could you make a client side version but with no admin weapons and it shows the servers weapons etc?

if you can’t then just use hl2 weapons and stuff

can someone make a mod that lets you pick up props and cars

This addon is really helpful. since garry update the jump hieght. On maps where jumping is important, and you have no tool gun, I use this to spawn a tool gun. Then, I use player resizer to fix the jump hieght.

overall. 4.9/5

That was quite an unneeded bump young boy!