"Two agains many"


I wish it was sharper, still camera angle is great.

Nice editing and posing
and you missed the “T” in against

As always…Some letters on my keyboard don’t work properly sometimes…sorry

Some of these -09 dudes are better than me posing. Dammit.

All in-game?

Boom. Titshot.

Some blood splatter and some rifle shells and this would be great. Arty’d for the posing.

This looks more like 2vs2. And chesty you’re really interested in knowing if it’s all in-game these days I tell you what.

Oh I said “is this all in-game” in two threads in one day so that means it’s the only thing I’m interested in? Way to blow that out of proportion.

I’m interested to know because it’s nice when people make something good entirely in-game because it shows all the morons on the forums now-a-days that they don’t have to shit all over their pictures with their editing to try and make it good, before they can barely even pose.

There is some PH editing, but it’s a “cosmetic” editing.

And i hope that i can “barely even pose” :slight_smile:

Way to blow what he said out of proportion. Calm down.

The posing looks just fine, the picture is very nice looking.

i like pose and situation

Way to defend me. <3

It’s mostly what i keep getting at as well.

People slap on shit to make it look good, the original looks like dump but when edited, it’s awesome, it just bugs me how people NOW rely on editing.