Two Airborne Soldiers patrol in the Woods.

:siren: Doubleplushuge Image :siren:


I tried stamping a few of those pissy orbs on the background image, but yah.

the lighting of the troopers doesn’t blend in at all. a simple color overlay could have fixed that

What is this, 1984?

but yeah, the orange soldiers don’t really fit in the green background

Eh, I just messed with their contrast and color balances to try to match the background. I don’t even know where the overlays are in GIMP anyways.

Yeah the guys are orange and yet the background is green. The green lighting doesn’t fit the wintery theme anyway.

I like what you did with the bloomy/rim-lighting stuff although it’s a little excessive.


Posing is excellent however.

Being an color-blind artistic guys has it’s setbacks. :stuck_out_tongue:

the rim-lighting is overdone…
and what are those glowing orbs?
palette’ed nontheless

Wow nice picture Caboose. Posing and bloom rim-light looks good.