Two American Rangers Pinned Down By a German Sniper.

I also took a picture with Jpeg_Quality 10.

Jpeg_quality 10:[/media]


I tried editing it.

Constructive critism please.

The soldiers have a blank pose. It’s like they’re resting and not looking for the position of the sniper.
And you need to edit.

:wtc: at the jpeg_quality 10 picture.


And the faceposes are just confusing.

They would get shot if they stuck their heads out.
Maybe I´ll try to edit.

Soldier on right is like :q:

Male_06 has a nasty gap in his teeth.

Soldier in the right side is like


Never never never ever never use noise > motion blur for rain or snow. Or well, you can, but then atleast make sure to cut it out on things in the foreground so it doesn’t look like a shitty overlay.

Other than that the edit was pretty good!



Those guys look pretty good there! Well, I hope their sniper friend bails them out this time.

The soldier on the right made me laugh my ass off!!!

pretty easy what to do.

  1. You get your helmet of and put it on the end of your rifle.
  2. stick it a little bit above the sandbags.
  3. when the sniper shoots the helmet run like hell.


Picture is okay but the faceposing is a bit scary

This man is smart.
for those of you who don’t get it, you run before the sniper has chance to fire his next shot.