Two and Six standing in an apartment after doing some wet-work.

some of you might remember a guy around here called goldengnome who posted shitty poses here and probably ignored your criticism because he posed for fun. well, he’s me, and because compwhizzi borked the email system, my actual account is currently inoperable. so enjoy this piece of trash in the meantime.

might start a ben-wolfe-esque series of poses off of these guys, idk

Yea hello? Domino’s?

Oh look.

THIS map.

THESE models.

Wow, third time today a pose has been made in this exact same place.

Ye, it must be a quantum phenomenon

Ye, it must be a quantum phenomenon

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omg quantum phenonmenon produced via a double post, i’m telling you guys there’s some quantum tunneling going on today

Precisely my thoughts.