Two armies in a battle near a fortress

I think this is my first medieval/fantasy pose/scene.


Thou shalt comment.

That’s fucking badass.


Too bad the castle is so ugly :C

castle is too plain and ugly lilke ubersaid, also the skybox is pretty shitty
but the posing and armies look really good, especially the blood
good job

This is epic.

Roger that. Fixing the castle now. Skybox was already edited a bit (I suck at clouds so I didn’t add those).

Besides the castle, nice scenebuild and picture.

Yay 4 Lego Castle!

Other than, great.

A bit too much blur but it looks awesome man.

Pretty awesome.
Your War pictures are always perfect.

Well, not really, but maybe sometimes.

Thank you.

Awesome kinniggits


Holy shit


But needs moar horses.

I love the scale of that battle :o

I’ve been trying to find horse models, with no luck. I know and have Kathar’s one, but it doesn’t have a saddle.

nice fix

Awesome battle.

Very bad ass! Love the edit and the atmosphere. Amazing job.

Pretty sweet. Great scale.

'The Hell, stop being so good at editing!
Nah, it’s great. I like the slight motion blur and flying arrows. Posing is okay imo.
But one quetion… How’d your PC handle so many models without kicking you out from GMod?
I’ve got a G15 Keyboard, so I can see, whta’s going on. If my ram is about 32%, GMod crashes…
12GB of total ram by the way… Any suggestions? Uhmm… please. Or is it just the (ram)limitations
of the source engine?

this picture contains win