Two astronaut lovers in their last moments

  • They both knew a trip into space could be fatal. their oxygen cords snapped and the backup supply kicked in as the damaged ship spun towards earth, captured in an eternal embrace. the couple slowly lost oxygen*

First is edited. second is Ingame bloom. i added bloom because there is. well, in popular culture. there’s bloom in space.

Camera angle leaves quite a lot of empty space and the idea is pretty lulzy. Not bad though.

The empty space is extremely ironic

… do you even know what irony is?

It’s an unintentional pun, not irony.

…I’m confused now. very confused…

lol cccp with a nasa shuttlle nice though…

Are you blind?
There’s american logo’son the spacesuits.
They’re not even soviet.
What the hell

It appears that the sun can shine through the Earth now…

Much like a gun in a bag of peanuts.
What will they think of next

Lens flare is bad placed, posing seems fine and the idea is nice.

Idea is nice, but it was executed poorly.

I don’t care whatever everyone else says deathbucket.
This is your funniest screenshot ever

One sound ran through my head when I saw this.