Two astronauts mine an asteroid

** listen to the music :slight_smile: **

Custom made map by me, made just for this screenshot.
The hazard suits have a custom skin on aswell made by me for this screenshot.


Comment please :smiley:

removing artifacts with blur isn’t really working that well


and if you did it for the glowing effect then you should probably try another way of doing it.

Can you upload them please so I can download them? :downs:

Anyway nice pic, I have rated you artistic.

Upload what?
Skin or map… or both?

Hm… I’m not sure if I like this. Something about it seems off.

Skin please.

I made a skin request of that :O, if someone could make it pure white, I guess it got made?

Yep, ill put it up in a bit.

he doesn’t seem to have a good grip on that huge peice of machinery

He’s pressing buttons.

And he’s the skin :slight_smile:

those wouldn’t really work as space suits

The shoulder textures look streched and I feel like the atmosphere lacks rawness.

Somehow the map reminds me of Earth 2160 or whatever it was called, The map looks interesting for a few future poses.