Two bank robbers are stopped in their tracks by the most advanced form of security ever


Damn it all. I want to laugh, but the editing job on this has me mesmerised.

also FYI to everyone the guy on the right is trying to undo the strap on the moneybag

Lesson learned, never robbed in Florida, or they will catch you, brutally.

also this is my new favorite model

Jeff rules.

Also, no blood? Jeff is being awfully gentle today.

you fuckin blind, boy?

Ohgod. Uberdile

I don’t know why you guys are rating this funny. That guy was trying to feed his starving family.

“Don’t worry mates, I’ll handle this nasty bugger!”

I’d rate you both artistic and funny, but I’ll rate you artistic since the posing is really good

this is great

This is perfect.

The goverment will love this.

protect our borders


We need more of those crocs around Florida, see if they come here then!

(sorry if I’m being racist D:)

Original looks better IMHO.

You live in Florida?


fuck on outta here

Ehh, not one of your best, but nice editing anyways.

You can’t take on crocs with a gun! You need a knife, a real knife.
Beautiful work as always Uber.

haha, that’s so cute.