Two BlackLight Operatives Hacking there way into a door or something..


Pure sex. Love the scene and lightning.

1337 h4x

dem 1337 360 noscope 0p3r470r h4xs

Is blacklight a fun game or something? i heard it was pay to play.

Also nice screenshot.

I dunno.

It’s sort of pay to play. The game is free, but you can only unlock most of the stuff through leveling and hoarding money. They make it much easier to buy the things you want, and some stuff you can only pay money for, like camo and other stuff. As well, unless you’re really good it isn’t fun. My computer can’t handle it so I’ve had a positive KD once I think.

Who cares, the models look awesome:)

Poor poor camera :[

Very nice job ! The picture is very well rendered and the lighting fit pretty well. I also like the idea and the OST :3

The lens flare is, my god… I love everything about this shot.

Where- where did you get the female model?

Nice posing, although is the holo-thing on his arm edited on or is it a model?