Two Brothers of Steel guarding an old train depot

Had nothing better to do. Tried to make it look FO3-ish.

In case someone wants to edit it better, here’s the original:

Looks nice. i’m bored too so i’ll give it a shot at editing.

I love the colors and the atmosphere man.
Posing is nice and the angle is good.

Shadows on the left BoS look a little odd around his right arm tho, but the rest of the shadows look really nice.

Here’s what i tried

Pretty good. The green makes it look very FO3-ish. Burning is mostly nice, but don’t overdo it and think before you burn! I don’t get why the crotch area of the guy on the right is burnt.

Camera angle isn’t your best. Dude on the left is really cut-off and there’s too much focus on the sky that isn’t interesting.

Looks pretty good…could have made them shooting their weapons.

PS. Did you stop working on the FPM pics?

Good stuff

I slapped a filter on and applied some bloom.


I should’ve put noise down lower.

Cant see shit captain.

You made it look worse, now we can’t see a thing and the excessive noise is terrible.