Two brothers posing infront of a building they're about to explore

Taken 1/10/08. Article written 23/2/09
The second image was found in the damaged camera later, the Foltermayor brothers were never found, Ignaseaus, the brother on the right was supposedly erratic around trees and tall men, once even smashing numerous things after seeing an unknown man, according to Analyst reports, in the first picture Ignaseaus or Seal as he was affectionately known shows the typical signs of Schizofrenia, Insanity, and paranoia. In the second image some have claimed seeing a suited man in it, others have seen nothing, and some insane people babbling about a man fitting the description of that in the picture, have sighted seeing his Arms spontaneously change position and his fingers strangely move. This was the last Photograph Brian Samson analyzed before his camping trip, then dissapearance.

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Why is the first picture animated?

He Comes

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He persues and chases us

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