Two Chicks Play Mortal Kombat While Scorpion Chokes the Shit Out of Ermac

How many beers did that guy drink?

Not enough.

I think he had more than enough since he in unconscious on the floor.

He’s just… you know… resting his eyes…

… and suffering from liver poisoning.

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WTF? Linux and Firefox? What kind of shit is this?

Sounds like fun!

Yeah, sometimes FP does that.

Great posing, Scorpion and Ermac made me laugh for a bit.

What map is this by the way?

Great humor before bedtime.

The winner of this contest. I recommend checking out all the maps because they’re all pretty cool.

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I should also add that this map has built in Deus Ex/BF3/Unreal Super Ultra Bloom Enhancers for all the lights that makes it impossible to turn them down via graphics settings and custom bloom options.

thats not very nice

I’m sure he’s sorry about what he did to you.

Catchy Title!