Two coding questions.

How would I go about adding a value in to a “AddOption” like so.

IconOps:AddOption(“Cost: //V.Cost”, v.cost)

Also, how would I make a function that could add a value to the player like the following example.

function Add(ply,//ValueName,//ValueAmt)

ply:SetNWInt("//ValueName", //ValueAmt)


I’d do AddToolTip or w/e it was, but if you had something in shared, like
models = {}
models[“models/…”] = {cost = 10} --May have to be “10”
–But this would work for that too:
IconOps:AddOption("Cost: ",v.cost) --This would have to be in a for k,v in pairs(models)…

For the first one, you need to concat the values…

[lua]options:AddOption( "Cost: "…v.cost, v.cost );[/lua]

For the second one, you just need to pass the arguments…

[lua]pl:SetNWInt( ValueName, ValueAmt );[/lua]