Two Colonial Marines scared shitless

Hello, boys!

Lol awesome


“Uh, hi Steve. I guess you’re gonna eat us now?”

“You betcha, ya tasty monkeys…”

I lold, looking at the guy on the right.

A monster named Steve always works.

Oh shit the guy on the right just jizzed.

Kinda reminded me of this. Good pic btw.

Booo. Got a laugh:smile:
Is it isolation? I once manage a dark background without the tedious Gimp edit. Don’t remember the map name.

Guys face on the right cracked me up :smiley:

Hudson from Aliens: “Game over man, game over!!!” :smiley:

“Hudson, come here. Come here.

Ahah, I lol’ed.

Awesome job Joazzz.

Lol’d at face posing. I like the way you did the Xenomorph’s saliva and the ammo count on the guns.
Rated artisitc


I am fucking loving all these Alien poses, since the Alien series is probably my favorite movies.

They’ll be even better with updated Aliens :slight_smile:

I love the expressions, but if this was multiplayer,the alien would assassinate the guy on the right, and the guy on the left would mow the alien down. Then he’d “teabag” by shooting up its corpse.

The picture reminds me of this:

How, exactly? Because there is an alien in it?