Two Combine soldiers standing around doing nothing. Adventure Ho.


Oh these pictures are ni–FAAAAAAAAAAGS

But yeah, good job. Shame about the low res AR2, considering the other models’ detail.


Awww poor combine

High-Res Skins?

And now you’re going to be like me, raging when a map you love doesn’t work with color correction just because the dumbfuck who made it forgot to put A SINGLE entity to it. :v:

Why not just open the map in Hammer, place Entity and put in G-Mod again?

Wait what thats ingame color correction?

Those first two pics look real sweet. How did you find this colour correction? Modify graphic settings or…?

i cant see the images

Some maps are protected from decompiling, and having to decompile a map, placing the entity, recompile again can go to easy from fucking hard if it’s a huge map. In that last case, enjoy your afternoon waiting for the map to compile.

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colorcorrection_ui in the console

Just tried it out but I dont have a clue how it should make the picture even remotely better. OPs picture look all HD and jazz.

it allows you far more colour control than the gmod tool kinda. vastly more tools as well.

It looks exactly like those options in Photoshop.

If only someone made some post processing options that made your game look like this. :frowning:

It is ingame post-processing.

Just not accessible through your Q menu and it doesn’t work on every map.

but betterrrrr

Good – someone finally uses Zeemlapje’s skins.

Best on the market.

Oh yeah These Combine have 5 fingers, expect a release when bloocobalt gets it done

I have 5 fingers on 2 hands.

That’s a lie Bubz. We both know you have three hands.