Two Combines in Nova Prospekt, Looking for Escaped Prisoners

Fuck generic MW2 pics, lets get some Half Life up in this bitch!

Nice altough the fog looks a bit weird.

Too late to change that, though. Forgot to save a PSD of the edit before saving it as a JPEG.

The lighting looks pretty nice. The fog is really weird though - too bright, 2D and unaffected by the lighting of the rest of the picure.

Nice posing.

How is the fog 2D? And it being unaffected by the lightning I get.

It looks 2D because it is being unaffected by the light.

Your picture is in a dark environment with a blue tint and clearly some source of blue light as demonstrated by the Combine. Your foggy stuff, on the other hand, is bright white. It should be darker for a start I think.

Ah, okey.

The shotgun looks a little small.