Two combines walking after a battle

Just a test photo :buddy:

Yeah i don’t like the Combine elite stiff, generic and dumb pose : /

Turn down those ingame filters.
From what I can see it doesnt look too bad.

Thanks, sorry for minge question but, what are the ingame filters?

By the way: Im gonna make a photo in your honor :buddy:

Filters aren’t your friend.

Ok! but, what are the filters?!?

The ones that made the picture really out of focus and put the nasty black outline on stuff.

They’re in the Post Processing button. Also, Combines in an Office?!

Walking on the female isn’t bad, her left foot looks like it’s hovering though. I’m not a fan of the randomly placed ragdolls or the rebel in the back.

Maybe it was in the seven hour war?


Yeah i didn’t like either the rebel it was just a place holder

you didn’t use fraps did you?

Nop, the camera tool

Posing looks solid enough but the angle is terrible and it lacks SDoF.

I have to disagree, i have SDoF on!

It’s honestly pretty bad.

Filters: It’s just plain ugly. Avoid it.
In-game Blood: Sure, it can be hard to do it in photoshop or whatever but the in game blood shouldn’t be used. It doesn’t look good.
Posing: Male combine looks stiff and holds the gun kind of weird. Female looks decent but is levitating.

Wrong. You want to disagree, but you don’t have to.
Anyway, use SDof better, if it is on. The filters kind of block it out.
Also, never ever use in game filters.

I have the bloody SDoF on! I swear to god!

Posing looks 80%, still abit stale/off.

Huge minus on the angle, since it makes the assassin’s boobs hardly noticable.

the sharpen, its sharpening my eyes!!!

All I can say is you are using it wrong then.

  1. Remove post processing sharpen filter.
  2. Increase blur on Super DOF and use the other slider to adjust the focus distance.
  3. Assassin is good, hovering foot could be fixed
  4. I would suggest tucking the Super Soldiers chest back a bit.
  5. Perhaps shorten his stride also, back of his left foot tiled up more.
  6. Remove post processing sharpen filter, it kills screenshots.
  7. Be sure that screenshot quality is at 100% in the user options menu.
  8. If not at max quality, Set up a camera tool in the proper position, save the game, and set the in game quality and resolution to the max, take the screenshot using the camera tool, reset quality back to your prefered settings.
  9. Remove post processing sharpen filter.
  10. Try to improve the poses of the dead characters.
  11. Practice makes perfect when posing and editing, experiment and take the criticism to mind. Then perhaps harbor some anger and desire to show up the critic, focusing your rage into your work for years to finally one up them and realize all the time the power was in you (or some similar horrible cliche)

Alright for an early pose, keep practicing.