Two commands

Hey, i need two commands so i can put in console. Me and my friend are gonna play gm_ghosthunt, and i need two console commands i can use.

the one command i need is a command i can remove everyones weapons on the server.
The second one is what command do i use if im gonna load a map from console?

I am extremely sorry for my grammar

For the first one, get an admin mod such as ASSMod.

For the second, either use Assmod again or type this in the console: map mapname

Replace mapname with the name of the map, for example map gm_construct will load construct.

The map one I can’t help ya but you might wanna get an admin mod, but uh here’s that weapon command;
function Remove_Weapons(pl)
if pl:IsAdmin() then
for _,v in pairs(player.GetAll()) do
I guess put that in autorun, not sure.