Two Cowboys escape after stealing Mexican loot.

¡Viva la Arizona!


nice “posse”

nice, but the muzzle looks too sharp

The flashes look pretty sharp.

Some smoke added would be nice.

When I saw the muzzle flashes I thought, “Holy Shit!” Awesome picture, anyways!

Damn, pretty good.

Let me guess, getting psyched for Red Dead Redemption?

Where did you got those models? They look awesome.

The posing and angle are very nice but everyone is right about the muzzleflash.

The muzzle flash is good, but it looks too big, too bright, and too yellow.

The models are from Fistful of Frags.

The Cowboy with the beard sorta looks like Owen Wilson…with a beard.

You’se gonna regret that meng


The composition is a bit weird, and the muzzleflashes too HQ,

Apart from that, pretty good.

send me the original i want to edit that

Awesome. Haven’t seen any FoF poses before. Looks really good, I like the mexican getting shot in the throat. I imagine him screaming “DIOS MIOOOOO!”


Technically he shouldn’t be able to scream but… that would ruin my imagination.

my edit