Two death scripts

Hello, I see you have clicked on my post. Well ill get to it. I was wondering if someone out there could possibly make not 1 but 2 death scripts. First one being when you die it plays a certain sound for the duration of your death ('Till you spawn).

The second is a little menu that pops up saying the NLR rules, Again for the duration of your death. Or if the lua scripter in question is really nice, They could make it you can ONLY spawn when you accept the rules (little button on the menu). So if anyone out there could make a script for me, I would be thankful :).

P.S. For the first one, please make the sound easily changeable. EG if I dont like it, I can just open the lua script in notepad. And change the sound line.

P.S.S For the second one, can you please make the rules this:

New Life Rule (NLR) – You are to follow the NLR at all times. When you die, you are to forget all previous things from your previous life. Example: You’re a Combine unit talking to a civilian. The civilian draws a pistol and you are shot and killed. Once you’ve respawned, you cannot go after this civilian as you have “forgotten” everything from that “life”. Only if there is a witness may you go after them. If you are struggling with this concept, ask an Admin for assistance.


As for the Derma menu, you can easily design that by using DermaDesigner.

I could take on the challenge… But I gotta sleep

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