Two deathmatch maps

Hello everyone,
after a 5 day break I’m back with two new maps to showcase. They were designed with DM98 in mind, but they could easily be used for any other deathmatch-like gamemode.

My previous map:
CS:S Nuke remake using HLA assets

dm_warehouse (set during night)

Doesn’t have the 3D Skybox yet.

dm_trainyard (set during day)

Some minor lighting issues and lack of detail in spaces.

Any suggestions to the maps are welcome.


Nice maps! Have you considered adding some more verticality to them? Maybe some ladders on the side of buildings and planks running across the roofs? Either way it looks good :+1:


Very interesting. I agree that the second map could use a bit more of verticality(maybe make it so that players can climb onto the containers). The design is very nice so far, especially the skybox.

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