Two Deer Hunters

I want wooden hunting rifle!! but, can’t find that T T

Wtf… Poor deers, those weapons are surely gonna blow them to bits lol

Nice lights and posing :slight_smile:

you don’t need a 338 to kill deer lol

But it helps.

Only if you like a crater in you steack.

Whoah. That is strange looking, different, and awesome.

Those models are awesome!

Damn I really liked this one. Good pose and light. Very different.

Yeah, nice, original idea. Firepower’s a bit excessive, though!

He must’ve forgotten his 50 Cal.

50 cal? There ought to be deer left to eat:)

Nice pic
There was a wooden hunting rifle/sniper
It was the Rugar mini 14/30 from l4d

Pretty good, you could of toned the weapon down a bit, you could shoot 2 dears with that in one shot.

Anyone know where these models are from? I’m not familiar with them (would love to Download)



The Crysis beta pack is in the models/skins forum

Hey Larrys ultimate weapon pack has a hunting rifle

I don’t think these guys are released yet. The soldiers are

I see no florescent orange on these hunters. Tsk, tsk. Gonna have to write 'em up for that one.