Two Different Admin ranks, one Owner, the other Admin.

So right now I host a server, and my admins are helpful when they are banning/kicking people or reinforcing the rules. However I’d like it if there would be two ranks, as I wouldn’t like my admins to have the power to spawn items in and cars and active god mode etc etc.

Such as two ranks, like an owner (or headadmin) and a admin. I’ll display what they should be able to do in my opinion:


  • The ability to ban and kick people (As well as steam id’s).
  • The ability to use the ‘status’ command.
  • The ability to use the ‘list’ command so they can see what commands there are.
  • The ability to save the server (save.all).
  • The ability to teleport.
  • The ability to complete crafting.
  • The ability to cancel crafting.

Owner/Head Admin.

  • All of the above.
  • The ability to unban them all.
  • The ability to active god mode and deactivate it.
  • The ability to change instant craft and the time for crafting.
  • The ability to turn sleepers on and off.
  • The ability to change the server to PvP or PvE.
  • The ability to change the server host name.
  • The ability to call in an airdrop.
  • The ability to spawn items in.
  • The ability to spawn cars in (Which are glitched aha)>

If there’s anything I’ve missed please suggest it:D

A nice little check sheet for owners to give permissions to admins would be a nice fix for all who want to limit admin powers, I like this idea.

That sounds like a good idea!

Agreed. Rule number one of the internet: trust no one.

Additionally, it would be nice if owners had a command to limit, or increase the commands of other players.

So owners could, if they wanted give more or less player control commands to the other admins. Particuarly if there are co-owners to a given server.

Or, if somebody DID want to make a free for all nonsense server with a focus on building without material limits, they could give the applicale commands and abilities to everyone.

And don’t say it won’t happen, or that people wouldn’t want it because: Gmod, minecraft, fucking farmville.
Some people like waste of time build shit games.

I’m hoping they’ll allow servers to have access to scripting for their own server. I know that when I get a server I’ll definitely be wanting to create my own administrative system, but I guess we’ll see.


This would be really helpful for all owners of servers…Really want this implemented, bumping again.

I’m sure they’ll be at least think about adding more options for server owners and administrators but that probably wont be for a long time. There’s more important things to worry about in it’s early stages of development.

Agreed. Allowing owner to dole out custom privileges to chosen admins is a good idea. Want to make someone admin of everything and stay behind scenes? You can. Want to run everything closely but give a handful of people some general abilities? You can.


Agree, Bump.

This is really needed!


what’s up with the /sign, is there something I am missing?
Anyways, I may as well pop in and help get this back to the top again, since when I start hosting, I REALLY would want to see this as a possibility. Plus maybe a nice little GUI for giving power, banning people, and everything else.