Two digimon models (refernces included)

Oh god, I really can’t believe I’m actually requesting this.
Oh well, it’s not like people on FP don’t know me as crazy already. :3:

Anyways, A few moths ago I ran into Al Eufrasios art portfolio while googling stuff on Leisure suit larry (I find it strange how a lot of things I google have at least one digimon search result in it) and discovered that he was the person behind a few of the models that were used in Digimon rumble Arena 2.
By chance he had done it all in Maya so I emailed him and asked if I could get permission to mess with the models under the promise I don’t declare it my work or try to sell it.
Unfortunately Al replied telling me he knows where the model databases are (backed up on 8mm DAT tapes in his garage) but he didn’t know where exactly in his garage and refused to go looking for them as he had other things on the go.
So we can consider the original models being inaccessible.
The closest thing I have to the actual models are two pictures in his portfolio. Each one photo contains a T-Pose from the front and back, skinned and and the mesh from the front, unskinned. It also has the texture map.

Anyways, here they are in their low poly glory.

Does anyone thing they are up to the task of modelling them?
I still feel I’m too new to modelling to do this and make it actually look good though I’m sure that after we got something made I can later improve in that (increased poly count, bump mapping etc.).

The lack of any replies I guess means nobody wants to do it.
Damn, now I gotta try and do it.

I’m not going to be an ass and make this thread again, so I’m bumping it because I’m still interested and asking.

Models from Digimon Rumble Arena 2 would be pretty awesome, although i don’t have Season 4 Digimon in mind :stuck_out_tongue: Now Terriermon from Rumble Arena 1, as old and low poly as it’ll be, that’d be awesome!