Two Dreadnoughts fighting in a wasteland [WH40K]

“We pray for our brethren who pilot the Dreadnoughts. Though they take new form, their souls and their weapons remain pure.” - Marneus Calgar


C&C please and feel free to edit the original!

CLENSE, PURGE, KILL! also nice posing i like the effects of the laser gun and flamethrower also did you port those models?

Ahh W40k, I remember when I used to build these.

yeah those dreds allways best when in close range

They look shitty though unless you do some fancy editing. Most of the models are impossible to pose too.

i got those alredy

Lol then why did you ask me if I ported the models?

Pretty nice, I like editing (especially on the flame thrower, very clever job with that one)

All I could have suggested would be maybe to tweak with aftermath’s fog settings so the backround would fade out a little more, but that’s just a nitpick.

i thought they wher the new ones that gunner th used sorry my bad

Thanks, mate. I’m quite proud of the flamethrower.

I like it, nice work man.

The one’s from Dawn of War II? Lol I wish. They’re not released yet though.

“Cheers, mate!”

Those models are pretty crappy, but your editing is cool.
good job with the posing. I tried moving them around once, never touched’em again.

Don’t suppose you know what happened to Golden, do you? he hasn’t been on in 5 days…

Thanks for the comment. Nah I don’t know where he is, me and Mjanz noticed that too. Maybe he’s on holiday or something; wouldn’t be the most obscure idea at this time of the year.

Tau nao. I shoot Space Marines, do zeh Tau. And yes, I am a Wargames nerd.

Daaaaamn Awesome editing as always Chesty!

It’s a lot better than most 40k poses. The marines from Dawn of War 1 look like cartoons.

Awesome work, all the effects just look so natural and refined that i thought that it was ingame :V

VERY nice. I like the smoke and the lighting and the colors and the laser and the posing and the flame effects and the… I think that’s it actually.

The only nitpick i could possibly offer is that the mountains in the background don’t offer the same quality as the posing and editing.