Two dudes fight off invaders... from space.

I thought it’d be best to take a break from the usual rebel poses and do something different. I think my idea turned out alright, I hope you guys like it :3:

Don’t really like the muzzleflashs but otherwise, not too bad.

I couldn’t do much about them, unfortunately. I’m no good at editing.

Very nice well done.

Iz good.

Haha, I like it. Though the muzzle flashes aren’t that great.

LOL! I love it!

Ah, but do not be alarmed my good friend. For there is hope yet:

This picture is great, good job man.

Tool Or Heart? TOOL OR HEART?!

So you think I’m a tool? :frowning:


Had this playing before I entered the thread, incredibly fitting. :v: Nice pose Deri.

Great idea :smiley:

Hahaha. Awesome! :buddy: