Two dudes shoot a guy through a door
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gahaha this is awesome.
i <3 it.

I found a couple of things to nip-pick about but i’m not gonna because its pretty good as it is.

Ouch… In the leg. Bullets seem to ignite the air before impact, but nice work.

no its two shots first one hit his leg and the tracer is another one comming through the door


tell plz :slight_smile:

Sorry, my tablet had some problems.

Kind of has a ‘Reservoir Dogs’ feel to it. Nice job!

This fucking amazing man.

Good job. Although masterfgh is right. The bullet impact is lit making it look like he was shot by a laser.

It’s really good, I just don’t like the expression on the black guy’s face.

I dont like it my self but when i tried to make him look anrgy it just looked ridiculous

I like the expression on the black guy’s face. Looks better than the ‘stone cold killer’ faces other people use.

That’s sweet. Cool idea and the effects are awesome.

The only thing i don’t like is the muzzleflashes, they’re horribly stretched.

anyways good job.