Two fairly simple question...

Hey guys,
I am working on my gamemode map.
Since it is deathmatch w/zombies, I need to add zombies that spawn themselves and also add CSS guns on the ground.
How can I do this?
I have been mapping for over 2 years so anything that you guys say shouldn’t be to vague for me.
Thanks a lot homies!

I made a tutorial for the first problem :3

Wouldn’t it be better to spawn the zombies and guns by lua?

3 reasons
More control over spawn rates
Less entities in map so you can put more detail in
Ability to choose the weapon which is spawned if you wanna replace css weapons with “realistic” weapons or something

I totally agree, but my post is how i can do that. Can you recommend any tutorials?
Thanks :smiley:


thanks a lot bro!