Two fine gentlemen and a lovely lady have a glass of cocktails on a balcony and have a nice conversation.

I think the screenshot is missing something, but I can’t put my finger on it.

those are some huge ass cocktails

Yeah, I just realized that after posing one of the cocktails onto the woman’s lips. They were the only models for cocktails I could find, though, and it’s a shame they’re quite crappy looking, too.

A different map would be a better start. At least then you’d get points for a more interesting or immersive environment/screenshot.

editing? Looks like it was all done ingame, a rare sight around here. Not necessarily a bad thing.

Well, the posing is good imo. Love the expressions.

Ew. GM_BIgcity.

someone is going to be drunk as a skunk

add more to the background and put stuff on the table the scene is really empty

bigcity? yuck its so blocky and bland.

If you’d chosen a better map, a nicer angle, and edited it a little it would have been a lot better.

It is a little, how shall I say… grey?

and who is that fine lady? i would appreciate a link to the model.

It’s Ms. Wayne from Batman Arkham Asylum.