Two fine young men closing a door.

Mainly just wanted to give this dropbox lark a go, was surprisingly smooth and fast. The picture’s nothing special, just a scene from a project I thought turned out well.

Most of the editing focus was on the right, so the left side is mildly ugly.

Muzzleflash and blood are both needing some work, anyone got any advice on how to improve them? Blood brushes would be nice too, along with tips on doing bullet impacts.

First real try at motion blurring the weapon and arm area, good or bad result?

If anyone has any ideas or tips on ways to improve it’d be appreciated, just keep in mind I use GiMP and don’t often have a lot of time to spend on one screenshot.

Comments are always welcome.

You’re using it wrong

Put image into the public dropbox folder, right click on the file and go dropbox > copy public link.

D’oh. It work now?

I would like to be able to smoke while fighting giant bugs with acid in their blood.

Some gigantic shells for that little SMG.

That little caselesss SMG, no less. Plus they’re falling too vertically and too close together, assuming the SMG used cased ammo; extractors tend to range from flicking cases barely clear of the weapon to hurling them a good twenty feet, and quite often they’ll alternate between those.

Never stand next to an AK ejecting shells… Ouch.