Two former friends come together as enemies when one murders the other's wife.

**"They thought they would be friends forever … untill that cold October night in 2001. Thomas and Carl grew up together, went to school together and lived across the street from each other. They both had a special gift, friendship. On April nineth, 1996 both entered the Marine Corps. Both were in the same squad and served the same battles. When they returned to the U.S., Carl was informed that his wife had been killed in a car wreck.

In 1998, Carl conducted his own investigation into his wife’s death, he discovered the person who had hit his wife’s car was John McGruder, another friend of Thomas. He also discovered that Thomas had an affair with his wife and she was threatning to tell him if Thomas did not stop stalking her … Thomas hired John to kill his wife. On October 2001, Carl found where his former friend was staying and murdered his wife in cold blood. When Thomas got home Carl was waiting to tell him what he knew … and to finish his revenge."**

Posings good, except err…Alyx(?) torso is kinda twisted


Well, it’s not going to be the same after three or four 10mm rounds in it.

good work exceptional angle, you sir are on a hot streak

Now thats pretty darn nice, you should try to do some ingame editing aswell

You’re getting better.

I may even let you poke around in my Tf2 universe.

It allready is in the in game edditing, used the “Snow Day” bloom and turned in down a little.

Was his wife a prostitute?That Alyx model tells me so.:banjo:

Well, don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

Not bad at all, got a good tale going on too. Just some minor spelling mistakes.

Sit, how do u spel tat agan?

I believe it’s ‘C’ ‘Y’ ‘T’



America wasn’t at war with anyone in 1996 so they couldn’t have fought together and I think a term in the USMC is four years so they couldn’t have been out of the Marine Corps by 1998 unless they were discharged for some reason.

Also the blood is from that blood back where everything looks like jam.

No it’s not and who cares about the time? If I did I would have made it so it was for Desert Storm or something.

The blood is from goremod, it looks horrible imo.


I don’t think the story follows a line very well, since it jumps around alot.

Cuz you know, his wife dies in a car crash, but is also shot and killed 5 years later

But I like the picture.

Carl’s wife is killed in car wreck, Carl murders Thomas’s wife. -.-

The blood looks like strawberry jelly.:downs: