Two Futuristic Soldiers Chillin', Relaxin' Bein' All Coo'

Bubbagamer told me to post this out in the section.
so i did
C&C on the lighting, it was made mostly for trying out my lighting editing.

It is freaking gorgeous.

The lighting is delicious.

What are those models?

It’s CrzyMLC’s/MLCTech’s old soldier hack.

Ask him for them.

I appreciated how you put love onto my models. :v:

Lighting looks great, I love it!

Well, those poor soldiers looked so dull.

can i have them

Are they Maxin’ too?

Love the masks.

The head on the guy on the right looks a little unnatural compared to the head angle of the left guy.

What do you mean, ‘unnatural’? I can do that easily, as I suspect can anyone who isn’t in a neck brace or suffering from meningitis…

The only thing I can’t understand is how they manage to wear or even to dress up those masks. They are way too narrow for the human skull
Are they aliens or what

I really don’t know.

MLC has got the answers.

Holy high-res fabric textures Batman


Sure it’s easily possible but it’s still a weird position. Why would you tilt your head like that unless you were doing a really melodramatic confused face? It’s just a bit odd. I only tilt my head like that when I’m busy writing.

I do that when my neck muscles cramp up, and quite often catch myself doing it when I’m looking closely at things (fucked if I know why)