two game hosts on the same server and ip address

I have a question regarding server hosting. I am trying to upgrade to darkrp 2.5, but I would like to keep my 2.4 running while I test out the 2.5 configurations. Would it be possible for me to run both game hosts on the same server and the same ip address? I will be using 2 different user sessions.

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I mean at the same time.

Yes, just use different ports. Where are you trying to do this? From a home server or host provider?

I’m doing this from a vps.

Yes. You only need to change the port on which it runs on.

It works automatically if each server is started consequtively. I have user “a” run a dedicated gmod server in screen. Then I login to user “b” and run the server in his home directory in a screen session. Its pretty cool. Gonna be so cash when I have MySQL set up for ULX and darkrp.