Two gamemode ideas!

it would help if you played the demos of AAAAAAA!!! and The Wonderful End of the World before replying.

i’ve recently been playing AAAAAAAAAA!!! and The Wonderful End Of The World and i’ve thought of ways to improve them.

basejump (AAAA!!)
basically exactly the same as AAAAA!!, but multiplayer. it could be a race to the ground, or just whoever gets the most hugs and kisses wins.

absorb (TWEOTW)
this will need everything except the ground and skybox to be a prop. it will be the same as TWEOTW, except in multiplayer you can absorb weapons and use them to knock things off other players, so you can absorb them yourself.

can someone please make these for me, since i don’t know how and am just plain lazy.

Just as a heads up, the rules sticky for this forum says to make topic ideas descriptive and to make the initial post detailed. Telling us to play a demo of a game we might not want to play seems a bit off. Why not just quickly describe each one?

ok, AAAAA!! is a base jumping game, and base jumping is basically jumping off buildings and avoiding stuff as you fly through the air. you have a parachute so you don’t splat on the ground. kisses are when you go near to a building, and hugs are when you stay near a building.

in The Wonderful End Of The World the world is ending, duh, so you have to use your magical powers to absorb everything on the planet into your body so you can take it all to a planet that isn’t dying. each thing you absorb makes you bigger, so you can absorb bigger things, and eventually eat everything.

So basically…
TWEOTW is very similiar to Katamari.

Near enough a direct clone, just with less misshapen heads.

I tried the demo of “Aaaa… :A Reckless Disregard for Gravity” Was actually really fun i enjoyed it i brought the game, this propably would make a nice multiplayer game as well as singleplayer fun all around. The game itself is pretty simple to code as well so there wouldnt be a problem with that, everything in the game is possible to make inside source without any problems, this would propably be the best idea out of the two, as for TWEOTW that would require alot of movement prediction which source multiplayer is not well at handling so this wouldn’t work as well as. “Aaaa… :A Reckless Disregard for Gravity”. However i didn’t play this because when i first looked at the trailer it didn’t appeal to me but i guess i cant judge it till i’ve played it.

so is anyone actually considering coding the gamemodes for me?

I wonder why people label their idea awesome when they most of the time haven’t even heard other’s opinions.

if i didn’t call it awesome, noone would care.

No one should care if you have to put Awesome in the title.

i have to admit, that is true.

Ask me another question. I think QUOTE you have to admit that is a lot of things.

Throw in an adhesive ball and we got ourselves an exact DNA replicated clone!