Two Gents having a rather charming conversation

I wonder what they’re talking about?

Fucking ventriloquist doll felt like I was posing a 40/lb bag of Jello, in other words, hard as hell.

Da Big Man did most of the posing in the background. I did the guitar. :slight_smile:

Now why is that furniture in the middle of the street.
Silly gentlemen.

I like it. The ventriloquist doll scares me though.

wtf is this shit

The doll reminds me of that doll in Batman, that the Joker messes about with in Arkham Asylum. That thing creeped me out.

I expected this to be a troll pose or otherwise a joke but it turned out the name was really descriptive :V

i’d mug that doll.

Atleast I’m truthful :slight_smile:


Why, it’s the only GentleMen’s club in town!

i love the events happening in the back

Heh, yea, a retarded cop shooting at a civilian, some dude in a leather jacket playing guitar, a chick walking around like nothing’s happening and some woman waving at what appears to be nothing across the street. I wanted to add more, but I thought it would be too cluttered and ridiculous


'ey, if you want more like this, I could take a request or two

I was also using the TF2 pistol to pose with the cop. You know how hard that is when it’s bigger than his damn hands?


And where did the dead pigeon go. It should have been there D:

Do a Gentlemens dual with pistols and shit

Metro looks rather stiff but otherwise is good.
Also just my preference, I wouldn’t hold a big ass wine glass with 1 finger.

He would be using two fingers, his thumb, and the rest of his fingers curling around it;

Unfortunately, Source Models’ hands aren’t all that flexible

I actually rather like it


the wine glasses look…really weird, i love the citizen that’s gunna get shot, posing on the cop looks kinda strange, otherwise pretty good