Two German Soldiers Walk Through a Bombed Town.

I like the posing I did in this one, but not 100% sure if I like the editing. This is a scene build on gm_flatgrass2008. Comments and ratings etc if you please.

This is a good scene build. The posing is just as good.
What did you use to build the scene (building-wise)?

Good posing, as always.

The Donner set of buildings, the roof in the background I found by searching “roofs” and I grabbed a few other buildings by searching “build”

Nice picture good posing decent scene build

I like it. The posing and the scene build both look good.

I have to do scene building because for some reason my Gmod freezes when I try to load actual maps other than flatgrass’s

Nice to see you back posing. Posing is really good and the scenebuild is pretty nice,

Excellent, though you should get the DoD Hex pack, just search it, got some great skins for the Germans aswell as Russian, American, British.

Thanks Chesty good to be back, as for the model pack, ya I have downloaded some custom models, as I just reformated and lost them all, you will see em in my next poses.

I reformatted aswell yesterday, so I have to wait till the 3rd to order my new PC then I can start posing again, this laptop doesn’t work well ._.