two germans carry away one of Thar dead

lock plz

No collide.


Time and patience.

Use it.


im tipping in the dark

is the dead guy about to hit the ground? because thar not holding it


Oh my god

I love it


No really I do


Someone please explain this word to me.

There, or they’re. Perhaps their.


I unno, I don’t speak 12 year-old.

Thar she blows!

matt, you should really listen to what people say
after all, why ignore them when you post it on FP just for that?

thar is pretty bad no very needs editing and some TLC

oh gawd

Maybe it’s their in a really deformed way.

They aren’t even holding it. Come on man, spend a little more time on your poses.

Dude, your animations for the left solider are broken fix them.


German 1: Du Idiot! Sie ließ ihn!
German 2: Warum setzen sie immer Schmiermittel auf die Griffe von diesen Dingen?

:saddowns: Google translate FAIL!

At least thats what I can get from the picture

The left solider looks T-Posed so his animations are broken.

rnl model and i don’t wont to use dod hex or half dead’s models