Two Germans kill an American soldier that they inadvertently came upon during a battl

Amazing, I love the WaW ragdolls I make.

Bragging much? :smiley:

Blends really well with the background, weapon models especially look nice for some reason.

They’re fucking incredible

The posing of the left German is a bit odd… looks like he’s halfway from/to kneeling to take a shit… then again, if he weren’t wearing his pants all the way up in the pic, it’d be almost completely plausible that such could’ve happened in war. It’s not the most picture-esque side of war, though, so I doubt you were going for that.

The rest is just tip-top. Nice work.

Thanks for the c&c. I’m a bit out of practice with posing.

I’m pretty sure the K98 & the Garand are from DoD:S. The Mp40 there is a CoDWaW port, it has bodygroups for the clip, stock, and silencer. The silencer is hidden by default.

Nerdgasm everytime Uberslug shows off his posing.

was the battl lost?

by whom?

Uber fucking slug. Amazing.

I did so not tell you to pose them :v:

looks like a movie

Uberslug you bitch stop setting the bar so high! You’re making it a pain for the rest of us! :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, you know you wanna share the original!

Edit 2:
I see what you did there! ^.^

Kekeke, I can see where you stopped cutting the CG pic :stuck_out_tongue:

Great blending though :slight_smile:

the rocks and trees

Where did you get the models, I though Bloo hadn’t released them yet?

This looks so real… :ninja:

I’m beta testing them/keeping them on my computer in case his hard drive is ass again



Very cool. The best thing about it, imo, is the debris on the ground.