Two Germans See Their Fellow Soldiers slaughtered In An Cellar

Whos alt is this?

*A cellar.

This looks awesome, the scene is great.

Did you port the model yourself or are you a beta tester? btw look awesome, I love the way you used the search light.

Those look like half deads ^

neather its bloo’s zombies and Half-Dead’s World at War Style Wehrmacht

Does that zombie have a problem with his hand? It is twice the size of its body, oh god.

thats nasty, just imagine the smell

yea the first guys thinking to him self “damn it stinks down here”

That lighting is very nice.

Is anyone going to answer my question? Why is his arm so big? Nice lighting, and posing, but I really want to know :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice job, good setting and posing.
Keep it up
Rated Artistic

If you mean the hand plus wrist in the foreground on the lower left, it’s because it’s closer to the camera so it appears bigger. Maybe your depth perception isn’t functioning or something.

I really like it!