Two gmod videos made by me

Hi everybody, lang07 here I just wanted to show everybody in PACEPUNCH (YEAH!) 2 videos of mine made yesterday

I hope you like it and please comment if you do :smiley:

that one isnt very good, it was my first one

this one is awesome

so… hope you like it
It was made with Team Fortress 2 characters and sound clips

Stop-motion videos are only done right if there is actually more than one frame per second. And even then, they’ve gotta get a point or something amusing in them…

well I guess that I was wrong when I thought that “HEAVY IS HEARRO” is enought for a good video…

thanks for not beeing a troll commenting and for giving a good advice :smiley:

Speaking of which, whats a decent method of doing stop motion without some kind of… onion skin technique?

Speaking of which here are 2 of my stop-motion tf2 videos: