Two Guards Talking

Comment on how I can improve and etc. Sorry if the models are kinda random! Couldn’t find a better assassin model.

Guard 1: Hey did you hear that?
Guard 2: Hear what???

The first guard looks like hes just been given a gun, or is about to nervously give it away.

what you NEED to do is learn how to suck some god damn
follow that and you’ll be posing better than ever!!!

They need better posing, eye posing, face posing.

Most people are too lazy to ready the first three pannels… As for myself I read the intire series! :science:
Back to topic.
The gaurd on the left looks horrible, make his arms more relaxed and work on his finger posing and faceposing. The gaurd on the left needs His arse needs to be tucked in, faceposing could use some work, and make is legs look natural, just stand up next time and simulate what your going to pose. Works like a charm
The assassian looks like you posed him on the ground, whipped out the statue stool and stuck him there, this is a technique you can use. Next time pose him to make him in the basic form of haning, then tweak him after you statue him and stick him up there, that way he doesn’t look like he’s floating.

Those guard are pretty dumb if they didn’t see the assassin reach that part of the ceiling…