Two Guys Goin' Down to the Bank Vault

Is it grammatically correct to have every first letter of a title capitalized? It still looks weird to me.

Anyways, two guys going down some stairs with some guns and helmets to the bank vault. Comment if you want.

Looking good, you’re getting better at this :v:

I mean the rigging, no the posing. Your posing has always been good.


9:31 PM - Lt.Cobalt: wait I notice bad rigging
9:31 PM - Lt.Cobalt: right wrist
9:32 PM - Lt.Cobalt: part of it doesn't move
9:32 PM - Senator Tankerbell: wrists are the only thing I rigged
9:32 PM - Senator Tankerbell: and I didn't even really rig them :v

I take that back. You still suck.

Very nice.

Why the motor cycle helmets?

Cooler than ski masks.

But less cool than JFK masks?

retard helmets

Your all wrong, it’s incase they fall down the stairs they will be safe

It is a bit funny wearing a helmet with a visor that’s see-through, since the only headgear useful for a raid, short of a proper combat helmet, is something that’ll conceal your identity.

that said, I see nothing else, more “technical” flawed in this picture.

AKA retard helmets

“Robbers on the Stairs” or something would be giving the screenshot’s title. a descriptive title doesn’t need to be/shouldn’t be capitalized since it’s not a title of anything (and can be an eyesore if it gets too long), it’s just a description of what they’re gonna see, best situation is to put the screenshot title, and then the description

dingdingding we have this here winner

what models are these? i mean the people, not the helmets.

it’ll conceal their identity but they can still tell which one is which between each other

say if their wives went out looking for them they’d have no idea that it was their husbands

That would be awkward if you ran into your wife at the bank.

Made them.

hate the helmets sorry