Two guys shooting at off-screen enemies.

My editing skill is not very good. So i decided to train it, i did the eding and posing myself.

pretty bad editing the smoke needs to follow the bullets

Looks like you edited it with paint.

You should really really work on the editing, the vignette effect looks okay but the muzzleflashes and the smoke are just inserted very badly.

show me your work then.

Movie critics dont make movies, but they still criticize movies.

They don’t really look like they’re actually shooting at anyone…the guy on the left looks kinda bored. The guy on the right looks like he’s pretending to shoot real people, like a kid with a stick going, “bang! bang!”

This is terrible, what program did you use? It really does look alot like paint.

You need to coulor to alpha the muzzleflash or smoke or whatever and then remove the hard/un needed edges so It doesnt look like if you ripped it off a photo.
At least read how to make a muzzleflash glow and not stand out like that.

I lold.

I think I know who rated it Funny :science: