Two Hands Wood Hatchet

Default BP: No
Ingredients: (500 Wood 100 HQM)
Lifecycle: Same as Hatchet
Obtain: 35-45 Wood
Speed: Same as Hatchet

That is one bloody freakin expensive hatchet. You could make 2 Whole AKs with that much HQM!!! :blaze:

The essence is getting a large amount of wood.
Let it will be difficult to do but it would be useful.

Meh id prefer this.

And what will you do when you run out of fuel in it? and you live in the north.

IDK maybe trade, make another base, make friends and maybe actually form an alliance???

Isn’t the salvaged axe already two handed? Maybe they should finally make it a bit more useful :3

I’d like to see better hqm yield from nodes using the salvaged pickaxe to make it more useful. Regarding your concept: Way too expensive, I’d like to see that costing max. 10 hqm or 200 frags or so…

/edit: Just buff the salvaged axe for that purpose, no need for another axe.

In the game it is time to introduce the concept of a two-handed and one-handed weapons.

Axe for felling trees is two-handed.
Small axe for combat - One-Handed.