Two Heroes of Might and Magic [Picturesque Scenery]

Hello everyone. This is the fourth picture that I made, when I make eighth picture I’ll make my own Compilation Thread. In addition you can see another ReEdited old pictures:
1. At the bank of River [Updated]
2. After Half-Life [Updated\New Title: Serenity]
3. Somewhere in the Hills [Updated]

Coming Soon:

  1. Silent Hill: Homecoming
  2. Old Fisherman & The Oldest Lighthouse
  3. Twin Peaks

Original [Unedited]:

Behind the scene:

Title: Two Heroes of Might and Magic
Time of developing: 1 month
Ratio: 75-80% Garry’s Mod\25-20% Photoshop (In my opinion :slight_smile: )
Map: ep2_outland_12

Widescreen 1680x1050 Size:

Oh my, Caste is back!

Woah, Awesome. And Heroes of might and magic was a great game

I don’t know how to post here music from youtube, please tell me :slight_smile:

you put:
[ media ]
[ /media ]

holy shit… that’s amazing.

Thanks, it works.

That’s just epic. The editing is beyond excellent, outstanding, or really any one word, I’d have to describe it.

Noob q: what are all those rings? I know some effects, at least, are shown like that in-game, but how do you get them to show, then?

Looks almost like a painting.

The posing and all the Garry’s mod-side of it is good too.

just… amazing.

that looks great, supperb editing.
There is nothing wrong with this.

ахренеть (holly fuck)
great job caste!


Amazing posing. Really, just epic stuff.

Thanks a lot.
OMG I Forgot to add the birds…

You didn’t take this in GMod, did you?

You did?

No, impossible…



Doesn’t even look like source

Added: 1680x1050 Widescreen Wallpaper.

I just lost faith in myself because I will never be able to do this. But hey, I don’t think I’m supposed to, your shit is just unreal. In a good way of course.

Holy shit!


The watermark just looks silly though.

Agree, no doubt.

So pretty.