Two HSA soldiers on the operation

Nice. I like the blue lighting and the depth-of-field. Try and smooth out those grainy in-game shadows though.

And I can’t workout if that’s a reflection on his visor or if he smudged milk on it.

well,I think it’s a milk.

Monitors from HL2, no?

yes, but I think they are quite fit to the ME too.
Hi-tech and futuristic

I like it, good job.

Nice job on the reflection.

yeah, I created the glass from zero. The helm with the glass in bodygroops of that model has this glass horribly bright, and I’m too lazy to fix it :slight_smile:

Extremely sexy lighting

Your shading is awful - I’m sorry to say, but it looks inconsistent and rather random. Try to work on that. Otherwise good.

emmm…why random& The lighting source is left befind them, so shadows are in opposite side.
All is right

dat reflection

Random black smudge under his left arm. Looks out of place.