Two Jinrai soldiers stand near a Street light

Dunno, just testing these new models.

I really don’t know if I should post this, A part in me says its decent/awesome/good, the other half says the awesome part is lieing and it sucks, so I dunno. I’ll see from the comments if its good or really bad.

Lets just post it:

Yay! Godrays for the lulz.


Please don’t complain about the fingerposing, their fingerposer uses only 1 joint to move 4 fingers, which makes it impossible to hold a gun correctly.


If its bad, I’m still cool right?! (Yay obsession! :dance:)

why are the god rays just coming out of one side of the lamp?
it looks good otherwise.

Good work once again Duff, nice to see you have got out of making ONLY tf2 poses and only doing generic stuff once in a while.

Good posing.

Thankx for the comments, but also awww, only 3?

And no-one said something about the light editing on the soldiers.(Because i think this is my best light edit yet, but I saw the ugly as hell original)

It’s so awesome.

This really needs more posts! Post guys! This is awesome! :protarget:

Pretty awesome, exept of the lightray